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Dangerous Goods

All Hazardous Chemical/s used, handled or stored at the workplace must be correctly labelled according to the WHS Regulation. This is the responsibility of the person conducting a business or undertaking at a workplace. This requirement also extends to chemicals manufactured at the workplace or transferred/decanted from its original container at the workplace.
Current Safety Data Sheet for hazardous chemicals should also be available. These documents should be prepared in accordance with the necessary Regulations from the manufacturer, importer or supplier of the hazardous chemical.
The Australian Dangerous Goods Code (ADG7) outlines requirements for transporting dangerous goods by road or rail. As individual requirements vary, please refer directly to the ADG7 documentation available at

"*As of 1st Jan 2013 only ACT, NT, TAS and SA have approved the Safe Work Australia First Aid in the Workplace Code of Practice. The onus for assessing each workplace rests with all Australian individual workplaces and sites managing their own risk profile. Accidental Health & Safety makes no representation as to verifying the compliance rating of each workplace / site in respect of the Safe Work Australia First Aid Code of Practice" select the right first aid kits for your business